Calesita Films is a New York-based production company specializing in socially relevant narrative and nonfiction content. Our new media narratives have shed light on a range of issues - including the lingering effects of Hurricane Katrina, sexual assault in the dance industry, prison mistreatment and PTSD in mass shooting victims. 






The Hollow Girl (2019)  

After surviving a mass shooting, a young woman relies on her love of poetry to cope with the tragedy. 


Plead (2018)

A social worker aiding the formerly incarcerated fights to expose an unsettling case of prison mistreatment.


Coda (2018)

A dancer must confront the fallout she's endured after accusing a prominent choreographer of sexual assault.


Breach (2017)

A New Orleans man, imprisoned before the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, returns to the city and must face the lingering effects of the storm.


Disconnected (2017)

A disgraced war correspondent struggles to adjust to post-combat life.





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